Codename Eagle

Codename Eagle is an open-world multiplayer first person shooter with drivable land, air and sea vehicles. A precursor to the Battlefield series, it was originally released in 1999 by Refraction Games, a studio that was purchased by DICE shortly after Codename Eagle's release. Battlefield: 1942 was then developed using an updated version of Codename Eagle's Refractor engine, Refractor 2.

The original Refractor engine was much more arcade-style in terms of its physics, which gave Codename Eagle its signature elements such as "wing walking" while flying bomber planes and other goofy antics. This made for an extremely entertaining multiplayer experience that was as much funny as it was fun - an experience that was never replicated to this day. The Battlefield series took things in a quasi-realistic direction, moving away from the pure arcade-style silliness. Thus, Codename Eagle multiplayer remains a unique and top-tier multiplayer experience - even today.

See more information about Codename Eagle at Codename Eagle Nation.

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How to Play

If you enjoy playing Codename Eagle, or you are interest about this game, please, join the community in discord and join the server to start playing by following the steps below:

2. Enter your Nickname
3. Choose a Server and Join!
Minimum System requirements:
Operating system (OS): Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10, Win 11
Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium 200 MMX
System memory (RAM): 32 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD): 380 MB
Video card (GPU): 4 MB of VRAM DirectX 6.1 compatible


We are waiting for you player, to have fun and appreciate this unforgettable game. Our community is nice, we prize the flexibility, the respect and the fun moments. We want to grow, and make the game to grow with us too. If you like to code, be free to join and contribute for our projects. Till soon!


CEClient is a launcher that have everything you need to play the game. If you want to install and configure the game by yourself, you can download the the multiplayer demo version. Take a look in the links below:

Codename Eagle Demos
Codename Eagle Patches
1. Click on [Download the Launcher] button in the website. It will download a file called;
2. Extract the content of the file (Right click > Extract All);
3. Go to the location you extracted the content of the file;
4. Execute the file ceclient.exe;
If you are using the launcher tool, you just need to select the server and click on the [Connect] button. However, if you aren't using any launcher tool, you have to follow some steps to connect:

1. Execute the game (ce.exe);
2. Host a game or start any single player mission;
3. Press F12 to open the console;
4. Type connect [ip], where [ip] is the address of the server.

You can also create a shortcut to ce.exe and add +connect [IP] to the command line parameters
The multiplayer demo version of the game is freeware. This version contains everything you need to play on multiplayer. If you want to play on single player, the CD-ROM of the game is required.
Join our Discord to speak to real codename eagle players instantly!
If you are using CEClient, you can change the settings in the launcher, accessing the [Settings] menu.
In-game, you can press F12 to access the console and type viewdist 3000. You can also increase the mouse sensitivity with mousesens 13 (with 13 being the max).
If you are using a manual installation, add these lines to the default.cfg file in your installation directory to set them automatically. See more console commands at Codename Eagle Nation.
For some, it will work without issue. If you are experiencing a black screen or the error "InitD3D failed", or other graphical issues, these can be resolved by adding the dgVoodoo directx DLL's to your CE installation folder. These files will emulate older versions of directX and let you run games such as CE on modern operating systems. You can get them from here. If you have any issues with setting this up, feel free to reach out on Discord!
Yes! The game runs just fine using Wine on both Linux and Mac OSX. Be sure to use a 32-bit WINEPREFIX and enable the settings checkbox for "Automatically capture the mouse in full-screen windows".
Join on any available server and wait some minutes there. Certainly, some player will join to introduce you and to help with any question you have.
Please, open an issue in the CEClient Github Repository, and the community will check and solve it ASAP.
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